an explanation

Hi internet world.  What’s up?

So here’s the deal.  I decided a few weeks ago that my new year’s resolution for 2011 was going to be to have a blog.  I’m not going abroad.  My life isn’t one of the top 100 most interesting lives on the planet.  I’m not a writer.  So why, you may ask, would I want a blog?

I’ve been toying with this “positive thinking” idea for a couple of years.  I tried to keep a journal where I would write the highlight of my day in every day.  That lasted for I think 8 days.  But I still think the idea was pretty okay: focus on the positive (or funny, or wacky, or silly or weird) things, and, well, things get just a tiny bit better.  So I was thinking of just writing stuff down, day-to-day, that made me smile or laugh or wonder — and it might be more fun to do it online (so maybe somebody else can smile or laugh or wonder about it too!).  Also, my sister informed me that I’m “facebook dormant” and I realized that she’s right: I’m not a very good facebooker, mostly because I can never think of a status that’s clever or witty or funny enough (I haven’t posted one in like a year).  But on a blog, the pressure’s off: it won’t pop up on the news feed of hundreds of people.  Here, it’s your prerogative to read my stuff, so…cool (:

Alright, two more items of business:
1.  Who am I?  If you’re reading this, probably you know me, but I’ll do this anyway (it’s kinda fun).  Here’s what’s up with me: I’m in my first year of grad school in biostatistics.  This will explain why some of my thinking gets kind of mathy (and it also explains why the stuff that’s on my mind is stuff that the general public would find “nerdy” and hence is not worth posting as a facebook status…).  I currently live in an East-coast city that I’m going to describe as “funky.”  I’ve lived here since this summer, when I moved from Minnesota.  I enjoy the following: baking, tennis (and most other racket sports), music of all kinds, and TV on DVD.   When I’m not studying, I sing in a choir made up of other students/researchers/doctors, which is great fun, and I’m involved in a church downtown.  But, enough about me.  I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago and one of the things I thought was that maybe the mark of a life well-lived is that if you wrote a book about your life, it wouldn’t be centered around you.  So, I hope that the center of this story won’t be me (though it’s all gonna be written from my point of view – so we’ll see how that goes).

2. Why am I starting my new year’s resolution on December 15th?  The answer is that I got this email that really made me smile today, and I thought “this would be the perfect thing to put on my blog — something small that made me smile.” So the blog was born today (:


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