excellent (3) and really? (1)

From December 18th: I packed a huge suitcase to go home for 5 weeks.  I remembered at the last second that probably I should make sure it was under 50 pounds so as to avoid outrageous heavy suitcase fees.  I weighed it (by first weighing myself, then weighing myself holding the suitcase), and (plus or minus measurement error) it was exactly 50 pounds. (I blame the textbooks).  So I lightened it. which took me like 20 minutes.  Apparently I didn’t take out as much as I thought, though, because when I got to the airport, it weighed in at…49 pounds.  Excellent.  (Another highlight of today: Christmas party with old friends.  Wonderful.)

From December 19th: I had set my alarm to go off at 9:30 this morning.  At 8:45, I was naturally still sleeping (seeing as my alarm hadn’t gone off yet).  So, around 8:45, my mom comes in my room and says, “Hi! What are you doing?”  I laughed, and said, “well….I was sleeping.” So we talk, etc., and I go back to sleep so I can fully enjoy my first sleep-in of Christmas break.  But then, half an hour later, my dad comes in and says, “well, good morning! What are you doing?”

Really?? I mean, is it not obvious what I’m doing if I’m in my bed, in my pajamas, under the covers, with the lights off and my eyes closed?  (I don’t mind being woken up at a reasonable hour, which 8:45 definitely is — I’m just wondering what else my parents thought I was possibly doing…?  My dad offered up “playing cribbage” as a suggestion.) Ah, the joys of being home for Christmas (:


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