laughs (4)

There is a vole living in our window well.

My friend and I noticed something small and cute-looking moving around in there while we were chilling in the basement today, and we ended up watching it try to get out for at least half an hour.  It was absolutely ridiculous.  Voles don’t actually have eyes, which makes climbing out of a 7x4x4 cement box rather difficult I suppose.  It kept sniffing around to see where to go, and apparently its nose was not pleased with most of the window well.  It kept trying to claw its way up the cement – it would get about a foot up and then fall down in the snow.  But it kept going, trying different tactics like going up the corner or trying to climb up the screen of the window.  The screen endeavor was the most successful, but it couldn’t get past the top of the window to scurry to freedom.  So an hour later, my sister and her boyfriend saw it and decided to go rescue it, only to climb in the window well and have it hide.  So they couldn’t save it.  It’s kind of sad actually, it was a really cute little rodent.  I am optimistic, however, that one of its many frenzied attempts to escape has been successful.  (That is why I used the present tense in the opening sentence).


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