really? (3)

Yesterday my mom stumbled upon some photos of what DIY network has deemed “America’s Worst Kitchen” in the Food Network magazine.  Below is a picture of why it’s the worst: “yikes–pink counters!” and “no prep space!”; not included in the picture is the fact that they have a washer/dryer in their kitchen.

Now, the following is a picture of my kitchen.

Notice: it too has pink counters, and once you add in my roommate’s wine rack, my coffeemaker, and the microwave, we too have no prep space.  Also notice the dishwasher being held together by duct tape (above); the bottom of my dishwasher would look like that if it hadn’t been for my handy dandy friend who needs to have things straight and thus found a way to attach it with the screw that was already there.   In addition, I have no baseboard, an electric stove with coil tops, and an oven that my friends actually find humor in (it looks like something out of a 50’s movie — though it works perfectly, which is great).   Another problem with “America’s Worst Kitchen” is that they have a washer/dryer in the kitchen.  Let me tell you something: a washer and dryer would actually IMPROVE my kitchen, since my unit is currently washer/dryer-less.  And to top it all off, I have MIRROR BACKSPLASH, which not only looks kinda weird, but gets insanely dirty whenever I sautee anything on the stove.

All of this seems to indicate that I, in fact, HAVE America’s Worst Kitchen.

I’m okay with that — it makes me laugh (:


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