out of the mouths of professors

“When all else fails, you can always try being stupid.”  –my probability professor

You should know that writing professor quotes in the margins of my notes is one of several ways I entertain myself during class.  This pastime is one of my favorite during-class activities, because when I use it, I don’t feel guilty since I’m actually still listening to the lecture (so as a fringe benefit, I get some of the class material too…clever, right?).

Someday later I’ll probably post a whole collection of professor quotes I have from a real analysis class I took senior year of college.  But I’ll save those gems for a super boring day that nothing funny happened.


thank goodness I was wearing socks

I decided I was going to work out today.  This was kind of a big deal, I think I worked out once over break and the last time before that was October 30th.   So, I put on my workout clothes, and then put on my sweatpants, winter coat, and boots — the sidewalks are still covered in snow from the snow day — and went outside to catch the bus to school (where the gym is), which comes once every hour on Saturdays.

I arrived at the gym only to realize that I didn’t actually have my running shoes with me.  So my choices were to a) wear shorts, a tshirt, and snowboots, b) go home and get my shoes, which would entail waiting an hour to leave school and then waiting another hour to come back to the gym, or c) work out with no shoes.  You have probably guessed by now that I chose option c…I just acted like it was perfectly normal to use elliptical machines and stationary bikes while wearing only socks.



Since yesterday was a snow day, we naturally decided to have pizza night/movie night that morphed into game night.  We ended up playing this fabulous game called Bang!  It involves sheriffs, renegades, outlaws, and several other wonderful things, and the point is to “shoot” the people who aren’t on your team.  Also, it’s in Italian.

The following was said by my friend, quite cheerfully and with a big smile on her face, to my other friend:

“Hmmm…I think I’ll shoot you.  What do you say?”  [continues smiling]

It was said in the same sense you might say, “I think we should see True Grit — what do you say?” or “Maybe I’ll dye my hair brown.  What do you say?”

So….game night.  What do you say?

the consequences of thundersnow!

Due to the THUNDERSNOW of last night, today is my first ever snow day since high school! (I tell ya, this first week back at school has been pretty grueling…no class on Monday, no class on Wednesday, snow day on Thursday…).

The funny part about it is that the city looks like this:

There’s a car, right there, driving on the road, which has no snow on it.  That today is a snow day is one of the advantages of not going to school in Minnesota (:


Yep.  It’s thundersnowing.  That’s awesome.

My other funny thing from today is this: sometimes I like to think of myself as a good cook.  Today, I proved myself wrong.  I got all excited because I had some time tonight so I was going to make this tasty pasta with garlic and tomatoes and basil and chicken and all that.  (superchef Alyssa, right? wrong.)  I heated up the oil and put the garlic in…and within 15 seconds, it had burned.  Strike 1.  No problem though, I had more garlic, so I redid it and got it right.  Then I put the noodles on to cook.  So, the sauce was coming along nicely and I tasted the noodles and they seemed done, so I drained them…and I noticed that clumps of them were stuck together and still NOT COOKED. Strike 2.  That was not going to work.  So I had to quick make some more pasta, and things got kind of cold.

NEVERTHELESS, I did not hit strike 3, and my roommate and I had a lovely dinner (while watching the thundersnowstorm from 9 stories up, awesome).  But it did inject me with a much-needed dose of cooking modesty.  (It looks so easy when they do it on TV…)

you know you’re good friends when…

My best friend and I exchanged Christmas gifts this weekend (explanation: We live 1200 miles apart, January needs a little extra cheer, and this was the weekend we got together, so there ya go — Christmas in January).  As it turns out…we got each other THE SAME THING.  (Modern Family, Season 1.  HIGHLY recommended, by the way).  This happened right after the cashier at Target asked if we were sisters.

You know how Charlie Brown says “nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love”?  Well, I say that nothing makes spaghetti taste better than eating it with a fabulous friend (: