really? (4)

On New Years’ Day, I was excited because I was going to have brunch with a college friend who I hadn’t seen since graduation.  We were meeting at 11.  I have a tendency to sleep for a long time if I have no alarm.  When I’m at my apartment, I set my alarm clock.  When I’m not at my apartment, I usually use my phone.  Now, two important facts: I am currently not at my apartment, and I own an iphone.  Therefore, I woke up at 10:47 on New Years’ Day…so much for being on time.  Whatever, though — I figured I set it wrong (though I double checked – phone wasn’t on silent, I didn’t set it for PM, etc etc) or just slept through it.  And everything was fine, my friend was totally understanding, we still met up and had a great breakfast.

TODAY, however, I found out that I fell victim to a national epidemic!!!

Apparently the iphone clock has a problem with 2011.  Really, Apple? You invent tons of really sweet gadgets, you make beautiful ads, and you have the prettiest laptops in the world, but your alarm clocks can’t understand the year 2011?  This makes me (a pretty devoted PC user) laugh (:


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