looking on the bright side (1)

The last few days have been really fun in the sense that I’ve gotten to see a lot of friends and bask in the glory that is Christmas break.  However, today I started realizing that break is running out!  And also that I will really miss them over the next few months.  So it’s kind of a bittersweet, chilly Sunday evening.  BUT, in the spirit of focusing on the positive, I have come up with these happy things:

1.  I’m Carribean-bound tomorrow — 5 days in the Cayman Islands.  If a tropical island in the middle of January isn’t a sunny thought, I don’t know what is.

2.  My laptop is now successfully running Windows 7 (instead of the lovely Vista) and it’s lookin pretty sweet so far.

3.  Packers 21, Eagles 16.  YEAH!  Let’s keep this going!

4.  The fact that feeling bittersweet means there is, in fact, some sweet in there.


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