Yep.  It’s thundersnowing.  That’s awesome.

My other funny thing from today is this: sometimes I like to think of myself as a good cook.  Today, I proved myself wrong.  I got all excited because I had some time tonight so I was going to make this tasty pasta with garlic and tomatoes and basil and chicken and all that.  (superchef Alyssa, right? wrong.)  I heated up the oil and put the garlic in…and within 15 seconds, it had burned.  Strike 1.  No problem though, I had more garlic, so I redid it and got it right.  Then I put the noodles on to cook.  So, the sauce was coming along nicely and I tasted the noodles and they seemed done, so I drained them…and I noticed that clumps of them were stuck together and still NOT COOKED. Strike 2.  That was not going to work.  So I had to quick make some more pasta, and things got kind of cold.

NEVERTHELESS, I did not hit strike 3, and my roommate and I had a lovely dinner (while watching the thundersnowstorm from 9 stories up, awesome).  But it did inject me with a much-needed dose of cooking modesty.  (It looks so easy when they do it on TV…)


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