the consequences of thundersnow!

Due to the THUNDERSNOW of last night, today is my first ever snow day since high school! (I tell ya, this first week back at school has been pretty grueling…no class on Monday, no class on Wednesday, snow day on Thursday…).

The funny part about it is that the city looks like this:

There’s a car, right there, driving on the road, which has no snow on it.  That today is a snow day is one of the advantages of not going to school in Minnesota (:


One thought on “the consequences of thundersnow!

  1. Yeah…I was in Philly then and got stuck because of the snow. Although they only had about 6-8 inches of snow in central city, the entire city shut down because they can’t manage to plow the streets. Also, when we flew out the next morning at 6 am, we got stuck by the terminal for a while because there was a pile of snow behind our plane. Yep, we were stuck in the one bit of snow that hadn’t been cleared. Brilliant, Philadelphia. Simply brilliant.

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