thank goodness I was wearing socks

I decided I was going to work out today.  This was kind of a big deal, I think I worked out once over break and the last time before that was October 30th.   So, I put on my workout clothes, and then put on my sweatpants, winter coat, and boots — the sidewalks are still covered in snow from the snow day — and went outside to catch the bus to school (where the gym is), which comes once every hour on Saturdays.

I arrived at the gym only to realize that I didn’t actually have my running shoes with me.  So my choices were to a) wear shorts, a tshirt, and snowboots, b) go home and get my shoes, which would entail waiting an hour to leave school and then waiting another hour to come back to the gym, or c) work out with no shoes.  You have probably guessed by now that I chose option c…I just acted like it was perfectly normal to use elliptical machines and stationary bikes while wearing only socks.



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