shout outs

To those of you that have commented on my blog:

I’m sorry for not replying.  First, I don’t really know how.  Second, I sometimes forget.  I am sorry, and I want you to know that you are important!

So, here goes:

Ana — I love being in touch with you from across the globe.  And it made my heart warm when you said you hope I stay destressed and joyful — what a wonderful wish :)  And GOOD CALL with the scrapbooking of Bible verses: good for the heart AND soul.

Becca — come eat my baked goods any time.  I really mean it!  But in the meantime, keep Wisconsin awesome, okay?

Brett — I’m glad our dads are similarly dad-ish.  And also, the game Red Rover is pretty fun, but REALLY DANGEROUS, I broke my glasses playing once.  All I’m saying is….be careful.

Marie — I miss the days when you knew about the context of many of my posts!  And I wish you could come over so we could braid each other’s hair ;-)


Mom — I miss you.  I usually tell you these stories anyway.  Here are my real responses to your comments:
I flavored my cake frosting with lots of almond and a little vanilla — I do love almond frosting!  And if you are on board…I would love to make bread over spring break — I will probably “knead” to get some yeast and such — a-haha, you should be PUN-ished for that one (:   And no name as good as Fatty Poo has yet occurred to me for the car, sadly…

Everyone — thanks for being in my life, both virtual and real.

And finally….two strange stories of today:

Quick, think of the two words that start with the letter U.  Write them down.  What were they?  Mine were umbrella and underwear.   Today my probability prof was thinking of words that start with U.  The first one he thought of was “urn,” and the second was “Ergodic.”  (Please note that I did not make a typo: his second u-word does not actually begin with U).  This made me laugh for several minutes.  (I am wondering, however, if the laughing was partially due to the fact that I did not sleep a lot last night due to the homework from that particular class…).

Second story:  you’re a pizza delivery guy hanging out at the pizza place with your coworkers, waiting for your next delivery.  You see a car with Minnesota plates pull up for carry out.  You’re a huge Vikings fan!  When the driver gets out, what three things would you want to say to her?

Well, as you may have guessed, I’m the driver in this story, and the things the guy chose to say to me were as follows:
1 — “Be careful!”
I look around bewilderedly, wondering if I’ve parked illegally or am about to be robbed.
“No…it’s slippery.  Be careful of the ice.”
Aww.  That’s nice!  Thanks, man.
2 — “Go Vikings!”
I laugh.  Even if you don’t know me, you may have guessed from this blog that I am a Packer fan, not a Vikings fan, but the MN plates can be confusing, and I really have no beef with the Vikes.  So I say I’m a Packer fan, he replies COOL, I’m just a Favre fan!  We have a good laugh.
3 — “Are you married?”
Excuse me?
I say, “what?”
“Are you married?”
“Oh.  You got a boyfriend?”
“Haha, yeah.”  [Note: I lied.]
“Well….he lucky.”

Alright then!  I will tell that boyfriend of mine that he’s lucky to have a girlfriend who likes a) pizza and b) midwestern football teams.  They’re few and far between…(?)

But anyway, were I that dude, I probably would not have picked “be careful,” “Go Vikings!”, and “are you married?” as my three things to say.  That’s all I’m sayin.


google is way too smart

You know how you write an email, talk about the stuff you’re going to attach to it, plan on putting the attachments in at the end, and then hit SEND without actually attaching the stuff?

If you use gmail….PROBLEM SOLVED!!  This happened to me today –coolest feature ever:

I hope it doesn’t come to this.

Confession: sometimes if I’m tired of doing my work, I browse and feel better about avoiding work (and also have a few laughs).

Thing that made me laugh today: the advertisers on have decided to help out the geeks that read Exhibit A (notice the top right):

the sad part is….I occasionally ask myself this question.

Apparently I need to try Geek 2 Geek.

Oh dear.

reason #33 why I wish my replacement credit card would arrive

I heard this song on my Nickel Creek Pandora station this weekend.  And I can’t get enough.  Perhaps you will enjoy it also!  (I think the video adds something too…it’s way cool to watch):

MAN I wish itunes didn’t depend so much on having electronic forms of payment.  (That’s right.  I’m enjoying this song so much that I don’t want to even wait a week to be able to listen to it obsessively…)



Sometimes things in life cause stress.  Examples include cars, dealing with documents dealing with cars, computers, dealing with slow computers, ice, crying, Valentine’s Day, non-integrable random variables, Mexican restaurant owners making fun of you for eating french fries you didn’t even order, large pieces of metal that wedge themselves under your car, oversleeping, hair that won’t behave, taxes, expired license plates, expired food, oranges that have molded on top of your microwave, tax forms covered in spilled chicken soup, bills, astonishingly high winter electric bills, probability homework, paying for your groceries with a check, blown fuses, and full parking lots.

So, if you have experienced any of those things (let me assure you that I have not, in fact, experienced that whole list — just part), I recommend the following:

1.  Put a James Taylor CD in the boombox in your kitchen.  (Your favorite relaxing music may be substituted here.  I recommend using a CD rather than an ipod because it feels more intentional – like you’ve committed in a tangible way to listening to that person.  Also, if you don’t have a boombox….I’m sorry.  I am so sad that those went out of vogue…)

2.  Put on a cute apron.  Mine is actually called a “flirty apron.”  I’m telling you…you will feel a lot cuter, and thus a lot better.  If you do not have an apron, you can substitute a great pair of boots with heels, or some other accessory that makes you feel like a million bucks.  If you are a boy, this step is optional.

3.  Make a loaf of banana bread.  It’s really easy, you’ll have something yummy to eat the next morning, and (most importantly) you can mash bananas with your hands.  It’s weirdly satisfying.

That’s what I did today.  I feel de-stressed.

Enough about me: what do you recommend to de-stress?

“God provides, girl!”

Let me tell you about my week.

Last Sunday, my car that I’d owned for 5 days was rear-ended.
On Monday night, I was up late finishing a gross assignment.
On Wednesday night, I was up late finishing a different gross assignment that had actually caused tears.
On Thursday morning, I took my car to the shop and got a (free) rental.
On Thursday night, I discovered that I had lost my wallet.  (I am still looking for it.  So if you happen to see it, could you Facebook me? Please and thank you.)
On Friday morning, I was really panicked about my wallet, and also I faceplanted on a huge patch of ice.  Smooth.

On Saturday morning, I went to a lovely Valentine’s brunch at church, where I had to explain that I hadn’t brought a gift for the Yankee swap we were doing, since I had just found out about it on Tuesday night and in the following days had very little time, a car in the shop, no driver’s license to drive the rental, and very little readily accessibly money with which to purchase a gift.  However, one of the ladies who had brought a gift had left early and “donated” her gift to the swap, so I got to participate.  Also, the way we played, if you drew #1, you got to choose first and could steal any non-dead gift at the end.

Well, as luck would have it, I actually drew #1.  And the present I ended up with at the end? A beautiful new wallet.

And to top it all off, it was the gift that the lady who had left the swap had brought.  And this is when another lady at the brunch told me, in a very loud, cheerful, southern accent, “GOD PROVIDES, GIRL!”  Nope, I didn’t get my money or cards or license back…but I did get some kindness, and some grace (let me admit that I was pretty vocal about how awful I thought my week had been going, and I hadn’t even brought a gift, so I completely didn’t deserve this)…and a new wallet.

Provide he does….provide he does.

In other news, last night I baked a hundred and twenty three cookies.  Yes.  123. I counted.