Excellent news: I got me some wheels today!  That’s right…I’ve gone from “yeah, I don’t have a car…can somebody give me a ride pretty please? I’ll give you baked goods!” to “yeah, I have a car, who needs a ride?” Probably I’ll still give you baked goods though. That’s just something I can’t help.

Anyway, this makes for a “semester goals” list that is as follows:
–pass classes
–make bread from scratch
–think of name for small red car (ideas welcome!   Please note that I’m not going to name it “Red.” This is directed at you, Dad.)


3 thoughts on “!

  1. Haha, the car name is totally something my dad would do too. A couple of weeks ago, he named a cow “Whitehead,” which, I’m sure you may have figured out by now, had a white head. Maybe you should name your car….Red Rover? I’ve always felt that’s one childhood game I never played enough of. Plus it’s sort of true, if you drive a lot.

  2. Oh, and another thing…..I really want to taste your bread, so could you make it when you are home during spring break? I will splurge for flour, yeast, and anything else you “knead”. Sorry, just couldn’t resist the pun.

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