life dreams

I have two life dreams.

Do not confuse life dreams with life goals.  I use the phrase “life goals” for things like “finish grad school,” “get married,” and “see Italy, Greece, and Norway.”  You know.  Pretty standard stuff.  But I use the phrase “life dreams” for the following:

1.  See a Packer game at Lambeau
2.  See James Taylor in concert

Life dream #1 was realized on December 30, 2007.  It was about 10 degrees and our feet were resting on 6 solid inches of ice (so they were, in fact, completely frozen by the end of the game), but it was so completely worth it.

And now…’s highlight is that life dream #2 could be realized soon — because on May 11th, James Taylor is coming to Baltimore.  Two miles from my house.



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