“God provides, girl!”

Let me tell you about my week.

Last Sunday, my car that I’d owned for 5 days was rear-ended.
On Monday night, I was up late finishing a gross assignment.
On Wednesday night, I was up late finishing a different gross assignment that had actually caused tears.
On Thursday morning, I took my car to the shop and got a (free) rental.
On Thursday night, I discovered that I had lost my wallet.  (I am still looking for it.  So if you happen to see it, could you Facebook me? Please and thank you.)
On Friday morning, I was really panicked about my wallet, and also I faceplanted on a huge patch of ice.  Smooth.

On Saturday morning, I went to a lovely Valentine’s brunch at church, where I had to explain that I hadn’t brought a gift for the Yankee swap we were doing, since I had just found out about it on Tuesday night and in the following days had very little time, a car in the shop, no driver’s license to drive the rental, and very little readily accessibly money with which to purchase a gift.  However, one of the ladies who had brought a gift had left early and “donated” her gift to the swap, so I got to participate.  Also, the way we played, if you drew #1, you got to choose first and could steal any non-dead gift at the end.

Well, as luck would have it, I actually drew #1.  And the present I ended up with at the end? A beautiful new wallet.

And to top it all off, it was the gift that the lady who had left the swap had brought.  And this is when another lady at the brunch told me, in a very loud, cheerful, southern accent, “GOD PROVIDES, GIRL!”  Nope, I didn’t get my money or cards or license back…but I did get some kindness, and some grace (let me admit that I was pretty vocal about how awful I thought my week had been going, and I hadn’t even brought a gift, so I completely didn’t deserve this)…and a new wallet.

Provide he does….provide he does.

In other news, last night I baked a hundred and twenty three cookies.  Yes.  123. I counted.


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