Sometimes things in life cause stress.  Examples include cars, dealing with documents dealing with cars, computers, dealing with slow computers, ice, crying, Valentine’s Day, non-integrable random variables, Mexican restaurant owners making fun of you for eating french fries you didn’t even order, large pieces of metal that wedge themselves under your car, oversleeping, hair that won’t behave, taxes, expired license plates, expired food, oranges that have molded on top of your microwave, tax forms covered in spilled chicken soup, bills, astonishingly high winter electric bills, probability homework, paying for your groceries with a check, blown fuses, and full parking lots.

So, if you have experienced any of those things (let me assure you that I have not, in fact, experienced that whole list — just part), I recommend the following:

1.  Put a James Taylor CD in the boombox in your kitchen.  (Your favorite relaxing music may be substituted here.  I recommend using a CD rather than an ipod because it feels more intentional – like you’ve committed in a tangible way to listening to that person.  Also, if you don’t have a boombox….I’m sorry.  I am so sad that those went out of vogue…)

2.  Put on a cute apron.  Mine is actually called a “flirty apron.”  I’m telling you…you will feel a lot cuter, and thus a lot better.  If you do not have an apron, you can substitute a great pair of boots with heels, or some other accessory that makes you feel like a million bucks.  If you are a boy, this step is optional.

3.  Make a loaf of banana bread.  It’s really easy, you’ll have something yummy to eat the next morning, and (most importantly) you can mash bananas with your hands.  It’s weirdly satisfying.

That’s what I did today.  I feel de-stressed.

Enough about me: what do you recommend to de-stress?


2 thoughts on “de-stressing

  1. I agree with the music and baking and even a little pampering. :)
    Last night I made some tea and got out some scrapbooking stuff and wrote out a few Bible verses shared at the night’s Bible study- not only a nice end to the day, but it also left me with something to hang up in my room!
    Hoping you continue to stay “destressed” and joyful in your studies and life my dear!

    • Oh my….I HOPE you didn’t have all these things going on in your life….what is this large piece of metal under the car?

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