shout outs

To those of you that have commented on my blog:

I’m sorry for not replying.  First, I don’t really know how.  Second, I sometimes forget.  I am sorry, and I want you to know that you are important!

So, here goes:

Ana — I love being in touch with you from across the globe.  And it made my heart warm when you said you hope I stay destressed and joyful — what a wonderful wish :)  And GOOD CALL with the scrapbooking of Bible verses: good for the heart AND soul.

Becca — come eat my baked goods any time.  I really mean it!  But in the meantime, keep Wisconsin awesome, okay?

Brett — I’m glad our dads are similarly dad-ish.  And also, the game Red Rover is pretty fun, but REALLY DANGEROUS, I broke my glasses playing once.  All I’m saying is….be careful.

Marie — I miss the days when you knew about the context of many of my posts!  And I wish you could come over so we could braid each other’s hair ;-)


Mom — I miss you.  I usually tell you these stories anyway.  Here are my real responses to your comments:
I flavored my cake frosting with lots of almond and a little vanilla — I do love almond frosting!  And if you are on board…I would love to make bread over spring break — I will probably “knead” to get some yeast and such — a-haha, you should be PUN-ished for that one (:   And no name as good as Fatty Poo has yet occurred to me for the car, sadly…

Everyone — thanks for being in my life, both virtual and real.

And finally….two strange stories of today:

Quick, think of the two words that start with the letter U.  Write them down.  What were they?  Mine were umbrella and underwear.   Today my probability prof was thinking of words that start with U.  The first one he thought of was “urn,” and the second was “Ergodic.”  (Please note that I did not make a typo: his second u-word does not actually begin with U).  This made me laugh for several minutes.  (I am wondering, however, if the laughing was partially due to the fact that I did not sleep a lot last night due to the homework from that particular class…).

Second story:  you’re a pizza delivery guy hanging out at the pizza place with your coworkers, waiting for your next delivery.  You see a car with Minnesota plates pull up for carry out.  You’re a huge Vikings fan!  When the driver gets out, what three things would you want to say to her?

Well, as you may have guessed, I’m the driver in this story, and the things the guy chose to say to me were as follows:
1 — “Be careful!”
I look around bewilderedly, wondering if I’ve parked illegally or am about to be robbed.
“No…it’s slippery.  Be careful of the ice.”
Aww.  That’s nice!  Thanks, man.
2 — “Go Vikings!”
I laugh.  Even if you don’t know me, you may have guessed from this blog that I am a Packer fan, not a Vikings fan, but the MN plates can be confusing, and I really have no beef with the Vikes.  So I say I’m a Packer fan, he replies COOL, I’m just a Favre fan!  We have a good laugh.
3 — “Are you married?”
Excuse me?
I say, “what?”
“Are you married?”
“Oh.  You got a boyfriend?”
“Haha, yeah.”  [Note: I lied.]
“Well….he lucky.”

Alright then!  I will tell that boyfriend of mine that he’s lucky to have a girlfriend who likes a) pizza and b) midwestern football teams.  They’re few and far between…(?)

But anyway, were I that dude, I probably would not have picked “be careful,” “Go Vikings!”, and “are you married?” as my three things to say.  That’s all I’m sayin.


One thought on “shout outs

  1. Obviously you had another interesting day in Baltimore!! Wow….he asked if you were married? You must be looking “older” these days, as he did not ask if you wanted a children’s menu!! Yes…let’s bake bread, and I do know that you LOVE almond frosting. I saw the frosting was green, but I absolutely KNEW that it would not be mint flavored—so I just HAD to ask!

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