an opinion about something inconsequential

In keeping with the theme of this blog, here is the positive/happy/funny/interesting/rainbow/sunshine/bunnies/smiles/etc etc thing of today:

Imagine a pancake that’s 10 inches wide.  Got it? Good.  Now, fill it up with chocolate chips.  Better, huh?  You bet.   This is like an inch-think pancake, okay?  Now, imagine it’s really warm so that the chocolate chips are kind of melty……..aaaaaah.  And then put a blob of peanut butter on top.  Do you see it?  Do you see the blob starting to melt at the bottom…sliding along the top of the pancake, leaving nothing but creamy goodness in its wake?  Now, multiply that by two.  Yep – you’re now picturing the dinner I had on Saturday night at a funky/delicious/hipster restaurant.  Reason #89 why I believe breakfast for every meal of the day is perfectly acceptable.

Now, on to my point.  My opinion (on a rather unimportant matter) is as follows: if you are going to post a facebook status expressing some sort of generic emotion, you should be specific.   Please and thank you.  For example, there is nothing sillier than a status of “WOOOOHOOOOOOO OMG WOWZA I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED EEEEEEEK!” — because of course, the first comment is “What’s going on?” and inevitably you have to write back, so the second comment is something to the effect of “James Taylor is coming to my city!!!” or “I just ate two gigantic chocolate chip peanut butter pancakes for dinner!” or “spring break is in three weeks!”   I mean….why not just make the follow-up comment part of your original status?

To that end………….happy March, everybody (:


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