In defense of winter

Spring is on its way!

But I have a confession to make.

I like winter.

There, I said it.  But I really do.  I like when it’s cold outside, and there’s snow everywhere, and people’s cheeks get all pink and cute when they come inside from the cold, and you get to wear fun hats and mittens, and you can ice skate outside and go skiing and afterwards drink hot cocoa and cider and coffee.  And I like how sunshine looks in January, when it’s super cold but also super clear outside, so that the landscape consists entirely of piercingly blue sky and bright white snow, and nothing else.

So I’m kind of going to miss the winter.  (I have another confession to make: I think spring is often overrated.  It rains a lot.  The snow melts and gets muck all over everywhere.  School is always stressful in the spring.  It’s allergy season.  Bugs and bees start coming out.  etc. )  Especially since I’m out east this year, and winter’s leaving earlier than I expected.

So, to say goodbye to winter, I’m leaving you with this picture, taken on December 27, 2010, on the drive back to MN from my grandparents’ house in South Dakota.  Winter scenery at its finest.


2 thoughts on “In defense of winter

  1. I LOVE this picture!! And I love winter also. Especially a blizzard which slows everyone down for just a short time. It’s a time to rest, relax, and be at home!

  2. I should show you these couple of paragraphs I wrote about why I don’t like winter. They’re pretty much the same reasons why you like winter. Weird. But spring is my second least-favorite season, for pretty much the same reasons you listed.

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