True confessions: I splurged.

Not on shoes.  Not on movies.  Not on music.  Not on a fancy gadget.

Hint: It cost $7.50.

Did you guess yet?

Alright, I’ll tell you.  It was two vanilla beans.

Did you know that vanilla beans don’t really look like beans?!  I didn’t!  They look more like bendy sticks.  Also, did you know that they make cupcakes taste REALLY REALLY GOOD?!?  (thanks, Joy the Baker).

So that’s it.  Today I spent $7.50 on two bendy vanilla sticks.  I guess that’s as crazy as I get on fat Tuesday…


One thought on “splurge

  1. Well yes…I do know what vanilla beans look like. I have used them only one time though, You are quite a splurger! I would really like to taste one of those cupcakes, because you know how much I LOVE vanilla! Can’t wait to see you!

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