plant Jemima

I got a plant a few weeks ago.  Just a little guy  It was I think $1.49, at Ikea, with a pot included.  I was thinking that it needed a name.  (It’s just more fun when your stuff has a name, but it has to be the right name — one that naturally fits).

Well, today I had some friends over and we had….breakfast for dinner!  (Fact: I love breakfast for dinner.  I love breakfast for any meal of the day.  Fact #2:  I’ve said that already on this blog.  That means it’s extra-true.)  And I was happy to be hosting dinnerbreakfast because a) I had a whole loaf of dry bread to use up and b) Aunt Jemima syrup was on sale at the grocery store this week, so I got to get that instead of the off-brand.  And everybody knows that Aunt Jemima syrup is the yummiest.  And it is fun to share your yummy groceries!

And then, as we’re in the kitchen eating dessert (yes, in fact, you do eat dessert after you eat breakfast for dinner), my friend starts cracking up!  I’m like, what, what’s going on?

“I thought of a name for your plant!”
“What?  Cool!  What is it?”
[more laughing] “Jemima!”
“Jemima!” [gasping for breath from laughing] “You know…Jemima!”
“Wait……you mean like………..plant Jemima?”
[more peals of laughter]

So,  there you have it.  I now have a plant, Jemima.


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