home opener!

It’s April…and it hit 80 degrees on Monday.  I think that means it is FINALLY spring.  But you know what else that means?


Twins home opener tonight!

You know what’s even better?  The Twins are coming HERE, to the city where I live, in a week and a half!!

[aside: This reminds me of a time that I went to an Orioles game last summer.  I only own one orange shirt, and it’s long-sleeved, which is not something you wear to an outdoor baseball game in Baltimore in August.  So I wore a tshirt and my Twins hat instead (appropriate for a baseball game, plus they were playing the Rays, so it was mostly neutral).  So to recap: I’m at an Orioles/Rays game at Camden Yards in my Twins hat.  The dialogue of the guy selling programs went like this: “programs…….programs……[sees my hat] Twinkies……..programs……programs……”]

In conclusion: happy spring, and go Twins!


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