only in grad school

So today I’m having lunch with a friend who I haven’t seen in a month.  We’re eating in the coffeeshop area of the school (where I’m a student and she’s a researcher).  We’re in the middle of our conversation when we notice these two people standing by our table listening to us.  When we stop talking and look inquiringly at them, the conversation goes like this:

lady #1:  “So are you guys talking about school or something else?”
us: “um……something else.”
lady #1:  “Good, good!  Well, have you heard about our campaign?”  [points to poster she’s wearing as an apron]
my friend:  “Yeah, I’ve seen those signs but I don’t really know what they mean.”
lady #1:  “Well, let me explain!  We have started a movement to try and relieve stress by getting people to have conversations that go deeper than schoolwork.”
lady #2:  “Please take 3 lollipops!  Each has a fun fact that can be used as a non-school conversation starter.  Keep one and give two to your friends!”
us:  “thanks!”
my friend:  “only at [schoolname].”

Really!?!?!??  We need people to TELL US to talk about things other than school?  oof.


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