Happy Easter!

This post doesn’t fit into the theme of the blog.  It’s not about anything small.  It’s about something really huge.  It’s about Easter,  the day we celebrate Jesus and his awesome smackdown of death and awfulness.   This is a huge deal!!  I get really excited about Easter, and here’s why:  the events of  that original Easter encompass so many good things.

The story of Easter is about love.  Bigger love than we can possibly imagine!  It’s about forgiveness, and about hope.  It’s about sacrifice, freedom, and second chances.  It’s about community.  It’s about realizing that things might happen in ways wildly different than you expected them to, but ways that are also wildly better than anything you had planned.  It’s about joy and peace and victory and LIFE —  deep, vibrant, beautiful life.   It’s about all the BIG good things (not just the little good things, like food and music and laughter).   And I think big good things deserve a big celebration.

So (a day late ) — happy Easter to ALL!


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