a bit of confusion.

I find it weird that I received an email addressed to “Dr. [mylastname]” on Friday, but on Saturday was carded (twice) for buying a ticket to an R-rated movie.  Got a lot of 16-year-old PhDs running around, I guess…


my ridiculous apartment

I moved into a new apartment on Monday.  It’s a bit of a crazy situation, involving lots of people traveling, moving, and graduating, but, long  story short, there are 3 of us living, with full sets of furniture,  in an 875-square-foot 2-bedroom until the end of August.

This is our living room right now:

fancy, right?  Yeah….this room contains 2 kitchen tables, 8 kitchen chairs, 2 family room chairs, a couch, 2 bookshelves, an end table, 2 unassembled lamps, and several random boxes of my crap.  Notice my new roommate in the far left side of the picture, comfortably relaxing on the couch in the midst of this…

Speaking of my new roommate, I mean new roommate.  We are temporarily sharing a bedroom, which looks like this:

Like 7-year-old sisters……we have the exact same bedspread, in different colors.   I would also like to point out Haley, in Modern Family, also has the same bedspread as me (the magenta/orange).  This is what happens when you shop at Ikea, people.

So, in conclusion….our new apartment makes me smile.

I have been instructed to “stop studying and blog!”

Yep…my friend just emailed me and said “stop studying and blog!”  I will heed her advice.  My apologies for the hiatus.  School.  You know.  It happens.   I thought about writing once in the past few weeks, it was when I was watching an episode of Friends and Ross said, “Yeah I’ll prove it!  I’ll prove it like a THEOREM!!”   I laughed so much about that.  Then I realized that I was getting a little slap happy at that point in the studying regime and that others might not find that as funny as I did….but whoops, I just shared anyway.  (Tricky, right?)

So, today’s topic:  OLD-FASHIONED but STILL AWESOME things:

1.  Handwritten letters.  My professor was talking about postage stamps recently and made some joke like “stamps…you guys are probably too young to know what those are.  People used to write letters to each other…on paper.”  I was indignant; I still write letters!   (I’ve been pen pals with my high school friend for five years.  She writes even more letters than I do!)   I just think people like getting something in their mailbox that isn’t a bill, credit card offer, or McDonald’s coupon…so, if you would like a letter, please tell me your address and I will write you at least one this summer.

2.  CDs.  I’m a CD fan.  I have  CD collection.  I realize that people might be saying “NO, you’re too young!  Old-fashioned is RECORDS!  or straight up LIVE PERFORMANCE!”  You’re right.  But let’s face facts, CDs have kind of gone out of vogue, which sort of makes me sad.  I like the album artwork, and the lyrics on the little insert, and actually being able to physically choose what music I want to listen to.  I have a boombox in my kitchen.  I saved up $50 of allowance money to buy it when I was 12.   One of my wiser purchases.

3.  Baking from scratch.  If you read the rest of this blog, you may notice that several of the posts are about food.  Breakfast and dessert, more specifically.  I know people are busy and the world moves too fast to bake stuff from scratch…but it’s SO WORTH IT.   Better brownies.  Better quick bread.  (I have this problem………I eat WAY too much quick bread………it’s just so good.  I can’t help it.)   MUCH better frosting.  mmmm…..

4.  Books.  Not e-books or anything involving a screen.  Words on paper.  Reading for fun.  Lending a favorite book to a friend.  Choosing a book from the library.  A good kid’s book with fabulous illustrations.  (If only I had the skillz to be a children’s book illustrator!)  Books.  I like them a lot.

5.  The newspaper.  I so miss getting a free newspaper every morning.  (That happened at my college.   It was sweet).  I like hard copy crosswords, advice columns, and reading about last night’s Twins game in the sports section.  Also I like the Saturday column called “news of the weird” and Isaac Asimov’s super quiz.   Sometimes I try to read real news too.  Fancy.  But it makes me sad that newspapers are pretty much going out of business.

So, those are probably my top 5.  Your turn!

p.s.  I do really enjoy some not-so-old-fashioned things.  Examples include air conditioning, dishwashers, women being able to vote and get an education, and cars.  And possibly computers.

p.p.s.  It is very close to being summer.  If this isn’t a happy prospect, I don’t know what is.