my ridiculous apartment

I moved into a new apartment on Monday.  It’s a bit of a crazy situation, involving lots of people traveling, moving, and graduating, but, long  story short, there are 3 of us living, with full sets of furniture,  in an 875-square-foot 2-bedroom until the end of August.

This is our living room right now:

fancy, right?  Yeah….this room contains 2 kitchen tables, 8 kitchen chairs, 2 family room chairs, a couch, 2 bookshelves, an end table, 2 unassembled lamps, and several random boxes of my crap.  Notice my new roommate in the far left side of the picture, comfortably relaxing on the couch in the midst of this…

Speaking of my new roommate, I mean new roommate.  We are temporarily sharing a bedroom, which looks like this:

Like 7-year-old sisters……we have the exact same bedspread, in different colors.   I would also like to point out Haley, in Modern Family, also has the same bedspread as me (the magenta/orange).  This is what happens when you shop at Ikea, people.

So, in conclusion….our new apartment makes me smile.


2 thoughts on “my ridiculous apartment

  1. Now I know what most of your apartment looks like…..these pics along with the kitchen pics…I’m starting to visualize! Hope it’s better now with having a weekend to get things up an running! I wonder when I will get to see it?

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