sounds like fun.



Dude…after reading that I definitely don’t want to learn shell programming!

On second thought…it’s 98 degrees outside, I live in the middle of downtown, and I don’t even want to *start* talking about dating.  So I return to geeking out.  Lovely.







Quote of the day:

Mom:  “What’s Harry Potter looking for?  Crockhoppers?”
me:  “Do you mean….horcruxes?”
Mom: “Yes!”

the joys of summer.

Tonight I was sitting outside at Dairy Queen, and I was telling a story involving a loudly-barking dog.  So, naturally, I barked.  (This probably does not surprise you).

This turned out to be not so good of a decision.  I apparently scared a couple of poodles at the next table because they started going crazy, and the Crazyhair family (twin 3-year-olds with bleached mohawks that matched their dad’s + a mom with dreads) at a different table all turned and looked at me at the same time.

I might have cried a little bit from embarrassed/amused laughter.