“count your blessings, count ’em: one, two, three.”

All of a sudden the summer is gone.  How did this happen?  Perhaps I slept it away…or read, or tv-watched, or zumba-ed or socialized or baked or learned or sang it away…but however it happened, summer, and (consequently) my free nights and weekends, are definitely gone.

But then I think about it, and a lot of good stuff went down this summer.  I hung out on a lake in South Dakota over the fourth of July.  I had a bonfire.  I ate a lot of ice cream.  I survived my first-ever earthquake (really), made vegan chocolate cupcakes, and saw Wicked.  I went to my first ever midnight showing of a movie (Harry Potter, of course).  I went to an amusement park.  I got caught outside in torrential downpours twice.  I grew a beautiful basil plant (and a slightly more sad-looking parsley plant).  I went to two baseball games and two art museums.  I got to spend time with old friends and make some new ones.  I practiced my Spanish.  I made sandwiches and served them to homeless folks.  I went to the public library (for fun!).  I learned things about biostatistics and genomics, like how to use Python, what a .fastq file looks like, how to properly do 75th-percentile normalization, and how to make a website.  And I realized that the best days involve no hurries and simple pleasures, like green pepper pizza and wonderful friends, or a game of bananagrams and your far-away family in town for a visit.

This reminds me of a line in a song by Sister Hazel.  It’s from the song “Strange Cup of Tea,” and it’s the title of this post.  (Maybe it seems silly or trite, but it could be cooler if you sing the words in your head.  Or maybe not…what do I know about cool?  I like math and I still wear boot-cut jeans.  But I do love that line.)  So I say…bring it on, fall.  Hit me with your best.  Perhaps we can begin with game night and whole wheat oatmeal banana muffins.


I scream, you scream, we all scream. Yep. For ice cream.

Can I just tell you about what I did last night? Yes? Super. Here it is:

I ate ice cream. Two glorious scoops of salted caramel ice cream in a chocolate-dipped sugar cone. Outside, surrounded by beautiful tall trees, on a 76-degree clear night, with two wonderful people.

We also had a sorbet for the table. Awesome, right? That’s the magic of Groupon. That and the fact that all of this ice cream was VIRTUALLY FREE since the Groupon itself was paid for with some free Groupon dollars. Crazy. I LOVE it.

AND, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…they played my favorite band (Nickel Creek).

So: Taharka Brothers ice cream in Mt. Washington. It’s superb. Go.

it’s been a while

What follows is a list of what’s been on my mind recently.  (It may provide some hints as to why I haven’t posted in several days…)

  • open-source software packages for genome assembly and differential expression analysis
  • buttery baked goods, milkshakes, and vegan chocolate avocado cake (oh yes, it’s coming)
  • rainstorms
  • hot, sweaty, mid-Atlantic August weather.  Boo hiss.
  • ways to make the three remaining weeks of summer creep by even MORE slowly than molasses in a MINNESOTA January
  • the impending return of my roommates!
  • how I’m ever going to mail a birthday present to my best friend (so far I’ve brought it to the post office for three days straight only to forget a photo that was supposed to be in there on the first day, packing tape on the second day, and all forms of payment on the third…..)
  • Netflix…
  • questions that only pop up when you actually have time to think, like “will I ever find you?”, “what is wrong with this city, really?”, “how does one go about securing an assistantship?” and “how on earth do I get my comforter to stop bunching up into my duvet cover without use of a sewing machine or safety pins??
In conclusion, things have been a little quiet around here.  That’s okay.  I’m telling myself to savor it….it’ll be gone like THAT *simultaneous snap* (see fifth bullet point.)
[p.s.  this didn’t fit the blog theme very well…but I, in fact, am the boss of this blog, so…that’s that.]