it’s been a while

What follows is a list of what’s been on my mind recently.  (It may provide some hints as to why I haven’t posted in several days…)

  • open-source software packages for genome assembly and differential expression analysis
  • buttery baked goods, milkshakes, and vegan chocolate avocado cake (oh yes, it’s coming)
  • rainstorms
  • hot, sweaty, mid-Atlantic August weather.  Boo hiss.
  • ways to make the three remaining weeks of summer creep by even MORE slowly than molasses in a MINNESOTA January
  • the impending return of my roommates!
  • how I’m ever going to mail a birthday present to my best friend (so far I’ve brought it to the post office for three days straight only to forget a photo that was supposed to be in there on the first day, packing tape on the second day, and all forms of payment on the third…..)
  • Netflix…
  • questions that only pop up when you actually have time to think, like “will I ever find you?”, “what is wrong with this city, really?”, “how does one go about securing an assistantship?” and “how on earth do I get my comforter to stop bunching up into my duvet cover without use of a sewing machine or safety pins??
In conclusion, things have been a little quiet around here.  That’s okay.  I’m telling myself to savor it….it’ll be gone like THAT *simultaneous snap* (see fifth bullet point.)
[p.s.  this didn’t fit the blog theme very well…but I, in fact, am the boss of this blog, so…that’s that.]

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