Hey.  How’s life?  What’s crackin?  As Penny said on the most recent episode of Big Bang Theory….what’s up, buttercup?

Here’s what’s up with me:  fifteen minutes ago, I realized I would seriously rather clean toilets than do my homework.  And I only realized this as I was on my hands and knees cleaning my toilet in a desperate procrastination attempt.

Seriously?!? Given the choice between taking a few (well…16) derivatives (ugly ones) and cleaning a toilet, I picked the toilet???  Perhaps I should rethink my career choice…


One thought on “yuck.

  1. REALLY?????…..clean toilets??? I would rather put on a nice ipod playlist, and look at your complicated numbers than clean a toilet. Toilets STINK!! At least homework does not have a bad smell. Although if you continue to choose toilet cleaning over your homework, your toilet will probably smell very nice! I would venture to say, you will get paid more in a statistics position than you will in a toilet cleaning position. It will be much easier to pay your bills, and look at numbers. Soooooo….I think you made a great career choice! Although the bakery idea is right up there too! You will survive the homework! I promise.

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