I guarantee you’ll crack a smile.

Over the past few days, my sister and I have been trading pictures of cute animals over email and facebook.  This reminds me of a time last May, when my classmates and I were drowing in a sea of finals and qualifying exams.  At the beginning of a class, our professor said that we had all been looking sort of glassy-eyed and dismayed for the past few days, and that he thought we should look at some puppies for a while to cheer us up.  So we proceeded to watch a live feed of puppies for a few minutes.  He was right…I felt a little bit better.  So, perhaps these ridiculously cute pictures will have a similar effect on you.  (courtesy of attackofthecute.com):




2 thoughts on “I guarantee you’ll crack a smile.

  1. Hmmmmm….I sense a slight liking of animals–at least PICTURES of animals. Yes they are darling…..I think I might get one!

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