Today is Thanksgiving, and I love that.  I love that we have a day set aside that is especially for eating lots, spending time with family (and/or people that just feel like family), napping, and taking time to actively think about the blessings in our lives.  Anyway, in the spirit of today…I am thankful for:

A loving/supportive/hilarious family
Loving/supportive/hilarious friends (near and far)
A healthy body
A healthy place to live
A church whose people care for each other and for their community
A God whose grace knows no bounds
The opportunity to get an awesome education
Music of all kinds
The stupid things in life that make me happy, like good TV, my two favorite football teams winning today, coffee & bagels on Wednesday mornings this fall with a good friend, jokes that make me laugh til I cry (this morning it happened when my sister explained the basic premise of the last Twilight movie to me), the internet, trips to Dairy Queen, and Zumba.



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