Happy almost New Year!

Today officially marks the LAST day of my 2011 blog.  That was quick.  It didn’t quite go as planned (nothing ever seems to) but I had a great time with it.  For example, I planned to do a “2011 top 11” post today, but then I was thinking that might be too similar to my “twenty-three” post which was less than 2 months ago and might seem silly since the things that happened in my life in 2011 were very me-centered, largely having to do with grad school, and might not be of interest to my wide readership.

So instead, I will write about the upcoming year.  I have a new resolution.  Similar to my 2011 resolution (keep a blog), and not so similar to my 2010 resolution (complain less), my 2012 resolution is to keep a picture blog: take or make 1 picture per day and post it online.  Here are my caveats: 1) My camera is pretty old and doesn’t hold a charge and I usually forget to bring it places.  Thus, cell-phone-quality pictures could be commonplace. 2) As you may have gathered, sometimes my life is not People-magazine-worthy (the last time a biostat grad student appeared in People was several years ago, I think), so I reserve the right to post pictures of scribbled formulas or of my dinner.

Bring it on, 2012.

Well, I’m off to while away the last few hours of this year watching How I Met Your Mother, eating home-cooked steak with my family, and goofing around with my friends.  Little things that make me smile.  Happy New Year!!!


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