31. the stuff I write about

I made a wordcloud from all the text in my blog (from December 2010 til yesterday), and this was the result!  (clicking on it zooms in).

I’m pretty pleased with it.  The funniest appearance I think is href (due to all the pictures I’ve put in), but the other ones are fairly standard.  I’m really happy that “today” came out so big (that is the theme of this website, after all).  And there’s Minnesota hangin’ out in the middle :)


30. muffinmania (capitulo dos)

Tonight I pan-fried a burger for dinner.  Our apartment is tiny and lacking in a kitchen fan, so the whole place smelled like burger.  (Seriously, I could smell it in the shower).  To rectify this, I decided to MAKE MORE MUFFINS!  This time they were whole wheat banana (thanks, Elizabeth @ guiltykitchen) and they taste great.  Here they are!

I bet you’re wondering about the funky blue one.  (yes? no? just roll with it).  The first batch of raspberry muffins I made (see #27) turned blue (not red) from the frozen raspberry juice, so I made some more and I had some leftover raspberry muffins that I froze.  I put 2 in the microwave to eat for breakfast today, and evidently I got distracted by the other components of my breakfast (juice, yogurt, coffee…) today because when I went to melt the butter for these banana delights, I found two dried out blue raspberry muffins in the microwave.  Awesome.  I ate one.  The other one felt lonely so I let it be in today’s picture.

28. Happy fun times

Today was full of wonderful. Morning: church brunch with cool people, including Sarah:


Afternoon: movie at the Charles theater (a pretty/historic theater that shows both mainstream and indie movies, I felt cool going there). This is the lobby:


Night: homemade nachos for dinner, Netflix, and games. Is this what regular people’s (i.e. non-students, or post-coursework students) Saturdays are like? Relaxing and fun? If so…superb.

27. muffinmania

Today the plan was to work a full day, then go home and make tons of muffins! Both raspberry and banana!  I was going to roast the bananas and everything, and it was going to be awesome.  As it turns out, I worked a pretty good day, then I went home and made one batch of raspberry almond muffins (thanks Joy) that turned blue because of the frozen raspberries, and then I made a second batch of raspberry almond muffins that was more appropriately sized and much less blue, and then I watched TV and hung out with friends. Close enough to original plan, I guess.  Today’s product:


Francis and I went to Trader Joe’s tonight because I’m running out of packed lunch ideas and word on the street is they have great frozen meals.  Tonight I found out that THEY HAVE GREAT, INEXPENSIVE EVERYTHING.  I found everything I wanted there and more. I even bought peanut butter cups that are actually slightly better than Reese’s…I mean, seriously!?  What more could you want????

This is Francis’s excited face (due to the cheap eggplant):

25. lucky little chiripa

Six of us (including Elizabeth and me, in the pic) went out tonight to take advantage of a Restaurant Week deal at Tio Pepe, this Spanish restaurant half a block from my house.  Man, was that a good choice.  The food was great, and there was a tiny bug on the table (not a big deal) so we all got free sangria.  Apparently the bug’s name, in Venezuelan Spanish, is “chiripa,” which in Mexico means “luck.”  Luck indeed – the sangria was tasty and fairly not-cheap.  So all in all, discount 3-course dinner, free drinks, and good company….I’d call it a win.