1. firsts

2012 begins!  This is my (parents’?) backyard, as seen from our porch (the house in the picture isn’t ours).  It’s not that special, but it means things to me.  We used to have a basketball court (i.e., deck with basketball hoop) up on top of that hill, and we still have a firepit up there.  It’s where I hung out with my girlfriends on homecoming night of freshman year of high school when none of us had dates and were perfectly content eating s’mores and giggling.  It used to have way more trees and my sister and I used to play in the “woods” in the summer when we were little.  It’s funny because if you zoom out (e.g., on the satellite view in google maps) and look at it, it’s a TINY little patch of trees in the middle of suburbia, but when you’re there you can sometimes look up at the sky and pretend that it’s just you and the trees and the sky.  That could explain why this has been the site of a few first kisses (:  And speaking of firsts, the snow you see on the ground today is the first snow of the season, which I always make it a point to photograph – so I made it the first step of my new years res(v)olution.

Here’s hoping 2012 is a year of awesome firsts.


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