11. a tiny cup of water

Today I played badminton again (see post 4).  This time we ate ice cream afterwards.  Dairy Queen is awesome.  I needed a picture for my blog, so here it is:

So my friend is looking pensive (probably because I asked her to please and thank you push the little camera button on my phone, even though I was holding it) and I am trying desperately not to laugh (and enjoying the peanut buster blizzard on my extra long red spoon, awesome).  Let’s try another one, for fun.

The not laughing thing is not quite working and it maybe looks like someone is trying to play the extra long red spoon like it’s an oboe.  Weird.  One more try…



Also, my friend specifically asked me to mention the tiny cup of water next to the cherry dip cone.  DQ is not a place to go for lots and lots of free water.  It is a place to go for excellent ice cream and 2 ounces of free water.


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