13. crashed ice

To celebrate my last day of winter break in MN, I went to downtown St. Paul with my friend to the RED BULL CRASHED ICE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.  You can learn about it in the Star Trib article from a couple days ago.  Don’t read the Wikipedia article.  It’s boring and totally undervalues the crazy awesome coldness that is crashed ice.  Basically, they built a gigantic slide with a bunch of bumps and twists and turns in the middle of the city and covered it with ice, and dudes ice skate down it and try to be first to the bottom.

Can’t beat winter entertainment in Minnesota!

The whole thing centered around the St. Paul Cathedral:

The slide thing is on the right.  Also, I’m amazed at how many people were there…it was like 9 degrees tonight.  I didn’t wear long underwear and only wore one pair of socks…whoops.  My fault.  As they say, “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing choices.” (My friend shared that with me, I thought it was very wise.)  Anyway, cheers to crazy cold extreme sporting events!



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