23. back to school

There are lots of cool things I want to take pictures of, but a lot of them aren’t photographable.  For example, yesterday I thought it would be cool if I took a picture during my Zumba class.  I mean, seriously!  That stuff is awesome!  People having a crazy fun time in a cool-looking mirror room?!  Sweet.  Except it’s not feasible nor is it socially appropriate to take pictures during Zumba.  This happens a lot – like when I want to photograph the night skyline with my phone camera.  Yeahhh.  So anyway, yesterday I actually didn’t take any pictures.  I did make some statistical genomic plots, but I won’t put them online.  Instead, as a back-to-school treat, I will leave you with this!

Yesterday marked the beginning of the year of the dragon, which I am pretty excited about for two reasons: first, I was born in a year of the dragon so that’s kind of cool, and second, because dragons are cool mythical creatures.  So, happy Chinese New Year!

I promise a real photo from today.

{image source}


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