30. muffinmania (capitulo dos)

Tonight I pan-fried a burger for dinner.  Our apartment is tiny and lacking in a kitchen fan, so the whole place smelled like burger.  (Seriously, I could smell it in the shower).  To rectify this, I decided to MAKE MORE MUFFINS!  This time they were whole wheat banana (thanks, Elizabeth @ guiltykitchen) and they taste great.  Here they are!

I bet you’re wondering about the funky blue one.  (yes? no? just roll with it).  The first batch of raspberry muffins I made (see #27) turned blue (not red) from the frozen raspberry juice, so I made some more and I had some leftover raspberry muffins that I froze.  I put 2 in the microwave to eat for breakfast today, and evidently I got distracted by the other components of my breakfast (juice, yogurt, coffee…) today because when I went to melt the butter for these banana delights, I found two dried out blue raspberry muffins in the microwave.  Awesome.  I ate one.  The other one felt lonely so I let it be in today’s picture.


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