45. silly story

Once upon a time, a young lady made herself some oatmeal for breakfast.  She mashed up some bananas, cinnamon and nutmeg in it and it smelled heavenly.  Then she glanced at the clock and GASP! realized she would be late for class if she sat down and slowly ate the oatmeal like it was a Saturday morning or something.  So she put the lid on the container of bananacinnamonnutmeg oatmeal, grabbed a spoon, and packed up the rest of her stuff.  When she went to drop her keys in her bag, however, she noticed that the spoon wasn’t there.  “Oh well, I must have stuck it in the dishwasher when I was putting my orange juice glass away,” she mused.  “No biggie, I’ll just grab another one.”  So she grabbed another spoon, headed out the door, and caught the bus.

When she arrived at her office, an overwhelming urge to eat the oatmeal came over her.  She took out the bowl of spicy fruity goodness, but when she went to look for the spoon – the second one she’d grabbed – it was nowhere to be found!  ALAS!  After laughing at her inability to keep track of spoons, she tracked down a different one and had a very enjoyable office breakfast.  Case closed, right?

WRONG!  While waiting for the bus that day after work, she reached in her coat pocket and felt something cold and spoon-like…..yes, ladies and gentlemen…IT WAS THE SECOND MISSING SPOON!  She then proceeded to regale her friend with this enthralling tale, and her friend insisted she take a picture of the young lady’s happy face upon discovering her missing second spoon:

because who needs a boyfriend on Valentine’s day when you have a pink jacket and a returned prodigal spoon?  ;)


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