50. I hate measuring out 2 cups of Bisquick


On the plus side, the pancakes I made yesterday (Feb 19, 2012) were the best pancakes I have ever made in my life.

Also, on an unrelated (but also food-related) note, my new dinner obsession is DIY pizza with oregano on it.  Any crust (tonight I’m using a bagel, but I also like pitas or that refrigerated dough you can get at the store), plus any marinara, plus shredded mozzarella, plus oregano.  It’s awesome.  It’s even awesomer if you put chicken and corn on it too.  It sounds weird but it is seriously the best pizza I’ve ever had. Fun random fact: I first had the chicken/corn/oregano combo at The Don Corleone pizzeria in Budapest, Hungary.  Inspired.


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