57. I’ve been waiting for this day for ten years.

Ever since I started playing tennis in 8th grade, I’ve wanted to break a string.  It’s kind of weird, I know, because it’s inconvenient and you have to go get it fixed and everything, but  it means you’re hardcore and intense!  You have to hit with power and spin to break strings.  One time I broke one while hitting an overhead in high school, but it was just bad string.  Not anything awesome that I did.  So I ended up going through my tennis career with all strings intact.

Until today.

That’s right.  Today, I was playing tennis and BAM!  One real live broken string from hitting hard and hitting with spin.  As far as life dreams, this is pretty high up on the list.  Not as high up as seeing James Taylor in concert, but higher up than riding a camel (which I did in 2005 and it was great).

The remains:


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