92. saturday treats

March 31, 2012–

Dear Mom,

I know you like to hear what I’ve been eating lately.  I’ve been doing so well lately, what with the green smoothies (see post 81), turkey-corn chili (Tuesday’s dinner), and other such nutritious goodies.

But Mom, I have a confession to make.  Today, I slipped off the bandwagon a little bit.  I overslept, so I only had a granola bar for breakfast.  Then for lunch I was really hungry, so I gobbled down a big, delicious sausage egg & cheese bagel (see post 61) and a big cup of coffee.  Then I went to a movie this afternoon (yeah…I saw Hunger Games again.  Still cried), but my friends didn’t want dinner afterward…only cheesecake.  So I had some chocolate peanut butter Butterfinger fudge whipped cream cheesecake at 5:30, so between that and my other errands, it was 10:30 before I ate dinner.  I’m so sorry.

But I had a healthy dinner: roasted sweet potato!

I had some scrambled eggs too, for protein.  I tried Mom, I really tried to be healthy for dinner.  I have a bunch of new green smoothie ingredients in my fridge too, so I’m back on the bandwagon.


p.s.  Isn’t it crazy how 2012 is ONE FOURTH OVER?  Um, where did those 3 months go?  I feel like no time has passed.


91. friday treats

March 30, 2012 — this day was great.  First I got tons of data on a hard drive, which rocked.  Then there was free pizza at lunchtime.  Then there was a free dinner/happy hour downtown for all the university’s grad students, awesome.  Then we had ice cream, and then we trekked across town to hang out at my friend’s apartment…naturally we played games.  I forgot to take pictures, but we played Catan…cities and knights with the 5-player board.

{yoinked from here} I feel kind of geeky posting this, but we actually play a game that is waaay geekier and I love it.  It’s who I am.  Anyway, I count all these things as Friday treats and deem Friday a sweet day.

89. time

As usual, I’m behind on updating my blog!  My reason this week is that it gets to be like 11:27pm and my choices are a) shower, b) blog, or c) get in bed and read, then fall asleep.  I have been consistently choosing c, because I’ve been tired and I’ve been really digging my book.  ANYWAY, I’m finally getting around to posting WEDNESDAY (March 28th, 2012)’s picture.

Make of it what you will.

88. 7

One of my three favorite things about bedtime is that it means it’s time to snuggle up with a good book.

(my other two favorite things about bedtime are 1) that it’s time to go to sleep, since I’m a bit of a night owl and tend to stay up late doing stuff til I’m good and tired, and 2) the thought of tomorrow morning’s breakfast. I love breakfast…true story.)

Anyway, I’ve been lacking in good books for a while (which explains my terrible sitcom habit), but I just started reading this book and it’s awesome:


It’s called 7 and it’s about one woman’s experiment in cutting back on seven aspects of daily life, each for one month. Excess, materialism, indulgence – these are the things she’s addressing with this whole reduction idea. Her writing is hilariously funny (I wish she was my friend). And the whole point is that all this reduction makes room for “Christ-like simplicity” (I love that wording and the concept in general). So it’s meaningful and a really great read…winner.

87. mad scientist

Today I had a pretty sweet meeting with my advisor…turns out that my task for the week is basically to think through a bunch of stuff and write down any/all ideas I come up with, no matter how bad they are.  (I actually think bad ideas are kind of useful – if you can explain why they’re bad, you can start working your way to a good idea).  Anyway, I had a research brainstorming session with myself tonight and kind of enjoyed it.  I felt very much like a loner scientist though, just sitting at the table thinking about stuff and scribbling in my research diary.  (Yeah, I’m geeky enough to have a research diary…it’s just the notebook I pull out whenever I’m looking around my house/office/desk for a piece of paper).  Here’s an excerpt from my scribblings.  As you can see, after I finish my biostat degree, I’m going to go for a studio art degree and sell my drawings for one flobbity-jillion dollars apiece.

86. from the archives

March 26, 2012 — It was Monday and I took zero photographs.  To make it up to you, I am going to share an old picture.  As they say, it’s an oldie but a goodie:

Potentially one of my favorite pictures of all time.  Taken June 22, 2008, it depicts the ridiculous end of a boating adventure on Lake Minnetonka.  The water was incredibly cold.  The company was fantastic.  I think my friend’s sunglasses blew off her head into the water at one point and we all had a good laugh about that.  It was a quintessential summer Saturday in Minnesota.