61. I’m in love…

…with this sandwich.  I think this might be my favorite sandwich of all time.  It’s perfectly made.  I can’t accurately describe to you in words how tasty this is.  The eggs are fresh-cracked (none of that pale-yellow-slab crap they give you at Subway), the bagel is perfectly toasted and buttered, everything stays on the bagel when you bite it and doesn’t slip out the other end into your lap, it was served to me by a polite Eastern European man, I got to call in my order ahead of time and enjoy a 65-and-sunny walk to the shop to pick it up, it motivated me to get going on the work I really needed to do, it reminds me of a BFF and makes me smile…I really don’t know what more I could want in a sandwich.  Like I said…it’s love.


3 thoughts on “61. I’m in love…

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