67. C is for cookie

Tomorrow I’m going to feed my department these cookies!

I was attempting to make salted mudslide cookies (from howsweeteats) but I’m kinda nervous that I made too many tweaks to the recipe.

It’s especially nerve-wracking to go out on a limb like this for tea time (our department’s weekly get-together, where I’m the chief treat-bringer) because I can’t come to the first half of tea time.  So people can be like “yum, who made the cookies?” and then somebody will be like “Alyssa, but she’s not here,” and then that first person can be like “OH THANK GOODNESS, THESE COOKIES ARE AWFUL!” and I would never know, but the whole department would be all “dude…we should fire Alyssa as tea time baker, she makes wickedy-wack weird stuff when all we really want is brownies from a box.”  That would be terrible.


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