85. sitcoms

March 25, 2012 — a gray, drizzly, homesick Sunday.  When I’m feeling gray, drizzly, and homesick, I like to watch TV.  In particular, I like to watch laugh-out-loud comedy TV.  (Lost just doesn’t do it for me on those kinds of days).   Three of my faves are:



and How I Met Your Mother:
{I got the pics herehere, and here}. In general, an episode of one of these will get a laugh from me and generally calm me down about whatever’s wickedy-wack in my life.  Here’s the thing though…on gray drizzly days like yesterday, I sometimes get kinda down after watching too many of these episodes.  And here’s why: real life doesn’t work like it does on tv.

Duh, right? This is a pretty simple truth that I hope we’ve learned already…I mean, much of my childhood was spent watching the Magic School Bus.  But it sometimes just smacks you in the face, you know? (do you?)  Because maybe you’ve kinda been hoping that life DOES work like that?

For example: not everybody moves in with their college roommate/BFF after graduation.  (Common to ALL THREE of those shows – though upon reflection it’s the guys in the shows who are BFFs, so maybe that’s the deal.  I dunno.)  Problems or things that are worrying you don’t go away after somebody tells you, patiently and eloquently, EXACTLY what you needed to hear within 20 minutes of that thing starting to bug you.  You can’t get instant resolution of all the major story arcs in your life by fast-forwarding to the series finale.  The Ross/Rachels and JD/Elliots of the world don’t always end up together.  The Marshall/Lilys and Turk/Carlas of the world don’t always stay together.  The perfect song isn’t always playing in the background of a first kiss or an engagement or a kid being born or a major lesson being learned. (side note, if I’m ever lucky enough to be proposed to, it would be TOTALLY COOL with me if Dashboard Confessional’s “Stolen” was playing in the background…just saying.)  Having feelings for somebody doesn’t guarantee that they’ll ever like you back, and if they somehow do, you’re never actually guaranteed a date with that person.  The perfect joke is never at the tip of your tongue at the right time (it’s sometimes there 3 days later – useless).  You and your best friends don’t have a second home at a corner coffeeshop or bar, because what kind of 20-something has that kind of money or time?  You actually have to do work when you’re at work, and you sometimes have to do work even when you’re not at work, and nice friends actually knock on their friends’ apartment doors before they come in, and…do you see what I mean? THE LIST GOES ON AND ON.

Too much sitcom makes me miss my college roommate (who actually is my best friend, and who lives 250 miles away) like crazy.  It makes me a hopeless, way-too-idealistic romantic.  It makes me not appreciate the things are actually going on in my real life.

Enough.  Enough with the sitcom overdoses.

In other news…I’m currently seeking recommendations for good books…  ;)


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