87. mad scientist

Today I had a pretty sweet meeting with my advisor…turns out that my task for the week is basically to think through a bunch of stuff and write down any/all ideas I come up with, no matter how bad they are.  (I actually think bad ideas are kind of useful – if you can explain why they’re bad, you can start working your way to a good idea).  Anyway, I had a research brainstorming session with myself tonight and kind of enjoyed it.  I felt very much like a loner scientist though, just sitting at the table thinking about stuff and scribbling in my research diary.  (Yeah, I’m geeky enough to have a research diary…it’s just the notebook I pull out whenever I’m looking around my house/office/desk for a piece of paper).  Here’s an excerpt from my scribblings.  As you can see, after I finish my biostat degree, I’m going to go for a studio art degree and sell my drawings for one flobbity-jillion dollars apiece.


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