88. 7

One of my three favorite things about bedtime is that it means it’s time to snuggle up with a good book.

(my other two favorite things about bedtime are 1) that it’s time to go to sleep, since I’m a bit of a night owl and tend to stay up late doing stuff til I’m good and tired, and 2) the thought of tomorrow morning’s breakfast. I love breakfast…true story.)

Anyway, I’ve been lacking in good books for a while (which explains my terrible sitcom habit), but I just started reading this book and it’s awesome:


It’s called 7 and it’s about one woman’s experiment in cutting back on seven aspects of daily life, each for one month. Excess, materialism, indulgence – these are the things she’s addressing with this whole reduction idea. Her writing is hilariously funny (I wish she was my friend). And the whole point is that all this reduction makes room for “Christ-like simplicity” (I love that wording and the concept in general). So it’s meaningful and a really great read…winner.


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