92. saturday treats

March 31, 2012–

Dear Mom,

I know you like to hear what I’ve been eating lately.  I’ve been doing so well lately, what with the green smoothies (see post 81), turkey-corn chili (Tuesday’s dinner), and other such nutritious goodies.

But Mom, I have a confession to make.  Today, I slipped off the bandwagon a little bit.  I overslept, so I only had a granola bar for breakfast.  Then for lunch I was really hungry, so I gobbled down a big, delicious sausage egg & cheese bagel (see post 61) and a big cup of coffee.  Then I went to a movie this afternoon (yeah…I saw Hunger Games again.  Still cried), but my friends didn’t want dinner afterward…only cheesecake.  So I had some chocolate peanut butter Butterfinger fudge whipped cream cheesecake at 5:30, so between that and my other errands, it was 10:30 before I ate dinner.  I’m so sorry.

But I had a healthy dinner: roasted sweet potato!

I had some scrambled eggs too, for protein.  I tried Mom, I really tried to be healthy for dinner.  I have a bunch of new green smoothie ingredients in my fridge too, so I’m back on the bandwagon.


p.s.  Isn’t it crazy how 2012 is ONE FOURTH OVER?  Um, where did those 3 months go?  I feel like no time has passed.


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