122. cook ALL the things!

I went crazy and made a bunch of food today!

Crock pot beef & vegetable soup/stew:

several smoothies:

and a gigantic loaf of heavenly-smelling, soft, fluffy, perfectly-crisp-crusted homemade bread.  too yummy to photograph.  I will eat well this week, Mom…you’d be proud :)


121. urban farm

April 28, 2012 — spent the morning digging in the dirt at common good city farm, washington.  I love, love, love the idea of tiny urban farms.  Sort of how I love the idea of bike-commuting…they make me think of sunshine, green, simple major-key guitar music, and a future where people live simply and happily.

Here’s the problem, I love the ideas.  But I live in a pretty small apartment in a high-rise building.  I tried to grow basil and parsley inside, and they both died, and anything actually vegetable- or fruit-like in here would be laughable.  We can’t compost.  And I have no place to store a bike, and even if I did, I’m super scared to ride it on city streets full of east coast drivers.  One day, though, when I get a yard, I hope I still have the desire to grow my own stuff, or at least support little city farmers.  And if I somehow end up not being a statistician, I hope I end up doing something socially conscious and food-related. (Have I told you guys about my idea for a bakery yet?  I thought about it last summer and I’m still super psyched about it!).  Anyway, it was really awesome to feel like a (very tiny) part of a movement back to natural, home-grown food, even if just for a morning.

120. Today I made boxplots that looked like a mountain landscape

April 27, 2012 — really, I did.  I made a ton of boxplots that were right next to each other and if I had colored them properly, it would have made for a lovely mountainside portrait.  I also TA-ed, went to happy hour, and played board games with amigos.  At happy hour, they were giving out free pizza, and when I took a slice of pizza, they were like “congratulations on getting that free piece of pizza!  please use this ticket to get a free beer!”  um, awesome?!

[I promise I’ll have a picture for today…Sunday.]

118. I’m so behind!!!! ARGH

April 25, 2012 —

That was like…Wednesday.  Today is Sunday.  What did I even DO on Wednesday!?  I remember going to seminar…and a lecture…and small group at Sandy’s…and the Statistical Ninjas had an epic playoff win against the Sunshine Babies which I missed, but am still happy about.

Apologies for the lack of pictures.  Imagine seminars, lectures, and Statistical Ninjas and you’ll understand.

117. things that should really not be in the kitchen

We have one of those drawers under the oven that we use to store baking sheets and stuff.  Sometimes pans fall behind the drawer into the terrifying abyss that is…under the oven.  Today I noticed that my 8×8 was missing, so I (very very bravely) plunged my hand into the darkness under the oven to retrieve it.  Unfortunately, what my hand found was not metal, but instead a gray, furry something.  ZOMG, DISGUSTING.  I’m all about manning up and handling pests calmly and rationally, but that all goes out the window when one expects an innocent baking pan but instead finds and VERY CONFIDENTLY TOUCHES SOMETHING GRAY AND FURRY UNDER THE OVEN.  I screamed.  (It pains me to admit this).  My roommate screamed too, in my defense.  I dropped the furry thing incredibly quickly.

But…it just stayed where I dropped it.

Don’t worry.  It wasn’t a dead mouse, I promise.  As soon as we became confident that this furry little sucker wasn’t going anywhere, we peered at it a bit more closely and very curiously.  It was still gray and furry, and it definitely had mouse-like qualities…pink felt nose, black-stitched whiskers…

That’s right.  It was a FAKE MOUSE.

WHAT THE HECK.  HOW DID A FAKE MOUSE GET UNDER MY OVEN.  Why have I not found it before?  How long has it been there?  This begs so many questions.

Unfortunately I have no picture, because it went immediately in the trash and I draw the line at posting pictures of trash, but I hope this word picture has conveyed the strangeness of what I found in my kitchen tonight.

116. i heart statistics

April 23, 2012 — last week I was walking down the hallway at school and I noticed that one of the most awesome profs in our department had a big sticker taped above his door that said “I <3 Statistcs.”  (You will need to imagine a rotated heart for the time being).  I saw him walking a little ways down the hall and happened to mention that I, too, heart statistics!

Next thing I know, he’s in my office, bequeathing one of these big awesome stickers to me. Um, thank you sir!!  This rocks!!  I was about to hang this sticker in my office when it hit me…I’m 23 and living in the city and I drive a small used car….can YOU guess what my car needs??

That’s right.  I got me my first ever bumper sticker :)