93. fools.

Today was like any other Sunday.  I woke up around 4am, just because I love to wake up early, and I took my dog for a walk.  I skipped breakfast, because breakfast is lame, but I had baked tuna salmon grouper casserole for lunch.  In the afternoon, my fiancee and I caught up on the latest spring training news for the New York Yankees, our favorite team.  After a dinner consisting mostly of refried beans, I went to bed at 9pm so I can get up tomorrow and go to my 9-5 job.

April Fool’s.  HA.  I probably had you going for at least a millisecond there. At least I didn’t prank you by telling you I was married or engaged…(I’m looking at YOU, my four facebook friends who did….)

No, really today I woke up early (to pre-brewed coffee, thank you very much time delay setting) and played piano at church, had pizza for lunch with the truck-unloader boys, took a glorious nap, and cleaned out my refrigerator.  E-P-I-C.  I didn’t photograph any of that, so I decided to introduce you to my plants:

The little orange ceramic one on the left is not a plant…but it is a candle holder that my friends got me when they went to Poland.  Next we have little hardy plant #1, unnamed.  The leany one in the center is Jemima! Still going strong.  The pink flower in the vase is made of fabric and unnamed, but no less loved than the others. Off to the right (not pictured) is Gertrude, Sr.  The original Gertrude is way off to the left, not pictured.  Looking out the window, you see the hospital (I keep my eyes open for cute doctors in the neighborhood).  And of course, my not-so-subtle reflection in the window…

So, there you have it.  A Sunday, April Fools, mishmash of a post that introduced you to a few of our plants.  Happy April!


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